Aaron Carter’s In Love Again

December 19th, 2006 // 2 Comments

People brightens our day by reporting that reality tv snotnose punk Aaron Carter has found that special girl. Again. After seven days. Like the last one.

After an impromptu marriage proposal in September to Kari Ann Peniche, his girlfriend of just a few days (they called it off six days later), the House of Carters star has been swept off his feet again.

Carter, who turned 19 on Dec. 7, celebrated his birthday Friday night at Shag in Hollywood with his twin sister, Angel. And on his arm was 18-year-old Kaci Brown, a singer who opened for the Backstreet Boys during their 2005 summer tour.

More on Aaron Carter’s latest love connection and more photos after the jump.

“Now I’m in a great relationship. I’ve only known her for, like, seven days, but I have a connection with her that’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced,” he told PEOPLE. “It’s really amazing.”

Brown, a good friend of Angel’s, and Carter began their romance in Miami last week while celebrating his birthday. Asked what Brown gave him for his big day, Carter replied: “She got me love.”

Indeed. Mm hmm. There’s so much to choose from here that I’m like a kid in a candy store. I’ve got gummi bears melting in my fists and chocolate smeared on my face. She got me love. *chortle* This kid is 19. I give him credit for causing the wonderful Lohan/Duff feud of several years ago. Beyond that, it’s a lot of acne and Vanilla Ice-ness. He’s about one last name away from a K-Fed. Kaci: hang on, honey. Maybe you can get something out of the impending breakup other than crabs, and a gold bracelet that turns your wrist green.

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By J. Harvey

  1. badattitood

    Why, WHY do these stupid whores keep spreading for this fugly, talentless pimple factory? One would think that although they are getting publicity, it’s the “oh geez, how embarrassing for her” kind of publicity. Gross.

  2. K

    First of all, Aaron is not a fugly, talentless, pimple factory. And why in the hell would anyone of remote intelligence use the word “Fugly”? You and many others may not appreciate his music and you may have your own opinions of it, but the fact is he is most likely by far a better singer/performer than you will ever be. And at least he had the guts to go for what he wanted. As for you, I’m sure you’re living your dreams. *That was sarcasm by the way.* As for Kaci and KariAnn: Maybe they were using him for his fame but there had to be some amount of attraction there otherwise they would’ve chosen someone else to use. There are thousands, maybe even millions of girls all over the world who have enough sense to look past the fact that he may or may not have blemishes like a normal person *OH LORD HE’S NORMAL! ~Rolls eyes~*. Can you honestly say that about yourself? I didn’t think so.

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