Aaron Tveit Reveals That He’s Single And That He Raps In The Shower To ‘Harper’s Bazaar’

Aaron Tveit is just one of the best part of the show!
Let’s all send a thank you letter to Harper’s Bazaar for making Aaron Tveit their Man Crush Monday yesterday.

Because not only does it give me a chance to write about him, we’re also learning so much good stuff! Like did you know that Aaron is single? “I am currently single, yes. Yeah, I mean, that’s something that I don’t talk about often, but yes, I’m single and dating and looking to find a very nice girl. So who knows?”

Hear that folks? 

Aaron could be yours. As long as you’re OK with him singing in the shower. “My shower song—some days I’m screaming Bruno Mars out. Other days I’m rapping in there. Other days I’m singing old Frank Sinatra or Rat Packsongs.” Oh god, I want to hear him sing all of these things. You have heard him sing, right? If not, it’s waiting for you below.

Here are some other things we learned about Aaron:

He’s really into rap: “I was a kid of the early ‘80s. I grew up, arguably, in the best hip-hop time, the late ’90s. I went to a high school that was very driven by hip-hop culture, and I listened to a ton of rap music growing up. It’s a lot of Tupac and Biggie and Jadakiss and Nas. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m an absolute crazy person if they can hear it.”

His best on-screen kiss was during Gossip Girl: “Oh, man. I was pretty lucky to get to kiss Blake [Lively] that often. I mean, that was pretty great. my friends were like, ‘Are you kidding me?; “

He’s already got post-Graceland plans: “I’m dying to get back on stage in New York, either with a play or a musical.”

Check out the rest of the Harper’s interview to learn even more fun facts about Aaron. I need him to super famous so that he’s everywhere. Let’s make that happen guys. Let’s do it.