Aaron Tveit Is Being Beautiful Just For You!

'Graceland' Fellas
Learn all the facts about Aaron Tveit & his 'Graceland' boys!
Well hello there Aaron Tveit! Thank you for joining us during this Empire States Building photo session.

There are few things greater than an attractive celebrity showing us just how attractive he can be, and that’s exactly what Aaron was doing earlier today in New York City. Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

Also, what is up with these Empire States Building shoots? I’ve seen them done before, and I’m always confused by them. Are they just for me to ogle at? Cause I am totally fine with that. 

Sometimes men need to be objectified too. So who’s been keeping up with Aaron’s latest foray into TV, Graceland? Aaron is pretty amazing. Personally though, I can’t wait till he’s back on stage. Not that I’ll be in New York to see him, but at least I can appreciate some Tony Awards performances.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Aaron being sexy. Are you enjoying these photos as much as we are? Of course you are!