Aaron Taylor-Johnson Shows Off His Massive Muscles For ‘Men’s Health’

Aaron Films 'Godzilla'
Aaron Taylor-Johnson on the set of 'Godzilla.'
Looking at Aaron Taylor-Johnson, you’d think he was your normal, 23-year-old actor making it big.

But read any interview with him, and you’ll learn he’s much more than that. His most recent interview in the May issue of Men’s Health definitely gives us some interesting insight into his character–as well as some nice looks at his perfectly sculpted body.

Take for example his marriage to director Sam Taylor Johnson, who is 23 years his senior. Apparently meeting her was what got Aaron to curtail his partying ways. 

From the age of 15-19, Aaron had quite the wild phase, “I’m just lucky it went under the radar,” he told the magazine. But everything changed when he met Sam. “My life just totally flipped over. It went from a really bad place to, you know…” That “you know” probably refers to his daughters and his blossoming movie career.

Bravo, Aaron. Look at you winning at life. Make sure to check out the rest of Aaron’s interview over at Men’s Health, and don’t forget to launch the gallery for plenty more looks at his stunning body. Godzilla should be awesome, you guys.