Aaron Taylor-Johnson Rips His Jeans In The Crotch, Thankfully His Jewels Are Safe

Aaron & Chloe Kick Ass
Aaron Taylor Johnson & Chloe Moretz on set.
My how Aaron Taylor-Johnson has beefed up!

Aaron was spotted shooting scenes for a new Godzilla movie filming in Steveston Village, Richmond, BC earlier today (May 15, 2013).

Aaron was shooting a scene jumping out of an army truck when he has a little wardrobe malfunction splitting his jeans (right in the crotch area) and has to go back to his trailer to change. 

Aaron is either a briefs man or was going commando, because no underwear was to be seen in the ripped crotch of his pants. It looks as if he hangs to the left as well.

The more you know.

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