Aaron Paul’s Instagram Proves He’s the Most Lovable Guy in Hollywood

So this happened this week…we took a look at Aaron Paul’sInstagram.

And fell in love.

“Surprise, surprise though – right?”,  you say “Who isn’t in love with Mr. Paul?” you say.

Well if you’re aren’t sold yet, you’re about to be! 

Since his break out role as Jesse on Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul has continued to prove that he’s the most humble, awesome, lovable guy in Tinseltown and a lot of that speculation can come from just taking a quick look at his Instagram.

Starting a handful of his captions with: “So this happened…” it’s easy to see that the sudden fame hasn’t taken away Paul’s excitement for life.

Whether it’s praising his gorgeous girlfriend for being so gorgeous, openly admitting to being starstruck by other meeting other creative artists like Mark Ryden, or congratulating famous friends like Ellie Goulding for being amazing, he truly grams only the most genuine stuff.

So, If that isn’t enough to make you love him, I don’t know what is.

Launch the gallery above so you can see all 15 of Aaron Paul’s funniest, sweetest and most lovable Instagrams!