Aaron Paul, Kendall Jenner, Joe Jonas And More Party It Up At Coachella

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The fact that I wasn’t at Coachella this weekend is killing me, because literally everyone else was there.

Everyone and their mother attended the first weekend of Coachella 2014 this past weekend, including some of our favorite stars. Aaron Paul, Joe Jonas, Kendall Jenner, Dianna Agron, Jared Leto, and Vanessa Hudgens were just a few of the stars spotted, and they definitely seemed to be loving it. 

There’s nothing like a gigantic musical festival to make you feel wild and silly, and the stars at Coachella were feeling it. Aaron goofed off and charged at the cameras, and later photobombed a lucky couple who were taking a selfie. Ten bucks says they’re going to use that as their Christmas card picture.

Kendall sported some interesting fashion choices for the festival, at one point walking around in a sweatshirt that said “I have no tits.” Not something I would think you’d want to advertise, but whatever. She was also seen wearing a giant hoop earring with silver charms – in her nose. Ouch. Didn’t that hurt? I forgot that Coachella always brings out the best (or most ridiculous) fashion trends.

Speaking of ridiculous fashion trends, just look at Jared’s zebra print leggings. I think that’s my favorite look of all, and possibly my favorite thing ever. Just sayin.

There were a lot of PDA moments to be had as well. Vanessa donned the “cowgirl” look while she and her boyfriend jokingly covered themselves from the cameras at the same time, and Joe was seen locking lips with his gorgeous girlfriend in the middle of a crowd. No shame, I love it.

Here’s hoping next weekend at Coachella will be just as awesome!

By Caitlin Anders

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