Aaron Paul Just Can’t Stop Being A Badass

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Paul Shows His Excitement At The Emmys
Even though he was recently seen leaving an NYC hotel, this Breaking Bad star hasn’t had much time to rest since the show ended. He also hasn’t stopped being a badass.

After the mass success and endless attention Breaking Bad received, everyone was suddenly signing the praises of Aaron Paul. It’s no wonder that he wasn’t at a loss for work after the show ended. Aaron Paul is in three movies that are slated to be released this year, so we won’t have to miss his lovely face for very long. 

The most highly anticipated of Aaron’s movies is Need for Speed, based on the popular video game series. Aaron stars in the movie alongside rapper Kid Cudi and actress Imogen Poots. The video game series doesn’t have much of a story line, which has left a lot up to everyone working on the film.

The film does have an action crime kind of feel, similar to the show that Aaron Paul just finished with, but he doesn’t seem to mind. “I definitely wasn’t trying to stay away from the whole crime element in future opportunities. I like crime. It’d dangerous. It’s super-fun. With this film, it gives me the opportunity to drive really fast in really crazy cars. So why not?” I think he just likes playing badass roles. But like, really, who wouldn’t?

Aaron Paul is also appearing in two other movies coming out soon, Exodus and Quad.