Aaron Paul Enjoys Some Tacos, Did Not Enjoy Watching His ‘Awful’ ‘90210’ Clip On Leno

Aaron Paul Takes GQ
Mm, look at him in this recent photoshoot! Hot!
Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul was spotted satisfying his craving for Mexican food, when he picked up some lunch at Pinches Tacos in West Hollywood, California yesterday (July 23, 2013).

Last night, the actor appeared on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno, and Jay brought up one of his early acting gigs, on the original 90210.

“That was actually I think … if not my first job, one of my first jobs ever,” Paul told Leno. He portrayed a high-school student who was playing the role of Romeo for West Beverly’s production of Romeo and Juliet in the 1999 episode. 

Leno played the clip for him and Aaron reacted by exclaiming, “That was awful. That was awful. Wow. Oh. My. Good God.” Watch the clip below, and see just how bad it was for yourself.

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