Aaron Eckhart Goes To Support Group For ‘Rabbit Hole’

In an attempt to stay dry, Aaron Eckhart ducked in and out of umbrellas at the International Rome Film Festival for the premiere of his new film Rabbit Hole, starring alongside Nicole Kidman.

Eckhart said that he joined a “harrowing” session of a grief group therapy but turned to the Internet to avoid intruding on others’ private pain.

The film explores the feeling of loss when parents lose a child and how a couple can be intimate but unable to communicate with each other as a result of such a tragedy.

One day Eckhart went to a grief group — as his character does in the movie — under the pretext that he was a grieving parent. He said he found that “harrowing and somewhat unethical” and didn’t go back. Instead, he watched video blogs posted by people after suffering a loss.

“They are very intense and very heart-wrenching,” he told a press conference in Rome. “It’s easy to be an actor after you’ve watched those video blogs because the pain just permeates them.”

“What I wanted to achieve in this movie with Nicole was the intimacy — a relationship over 10-20 years, having the physical and emotional intimacy and yet not being able to connect with each other,” Eckhart said. “On a daily basis, that was the challenge.”

Watch the trailer below: