A Zigga Zig Ah!

June 28th, 2007 // 13 Comments

YAY! The Spice Girls have finally stopped announcing that they’re going to announce that they’re going to reunite and announced it. Someone get me my platform sneakers and enough makeup to beautify a platoon of garish whores. And my “Spice World” DVD!

“Hey everybody!! We’re back!! Can you believe it!!” Ginger, Sporty, Posh, Scary and Baby Spice announced on their Web site www.thespicegirls.com.

The Web site said the group had come together for a world tour and provided a link for fans to buy tickets in 11 cities across the world starting on December 7 in Los Angeles.

Here’s the link to the announcement. They’re not coming to Boston? Don’t they realize the fan base that they have here in Beantown? That doesn’t spice up my life. I’m jumping off a ledge, clutching my Spice Girls hairbrush and Girl Power! t-shirt.


More photos of the reunited Spice Girls are after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. Fifi

    What the hell is Ginger wear?!!! They look great though, I’ll give ‘em that… oh and Scary is about to be pezaid!! ;)

  2. green cardigan

    Yippee! I hope they just churn out the ‘If you wanna be my lova ‘ music and they haven’t anything new up their sleeves. We don’t need any nasty surprises like acoustic versions of new songs, penned during the dark years.

    Posh looks like she could knock an eye out with that chest, it’s pushed up so high, and WHAT is Ginger wearing ?

  3. Zekers

    Ah, I don’t know what she’s wearing, kind of looks like a wedding cake…
    Who’s going to go see these women??? I mean it’s not like they are the Beatles re-uniting-I don’t get the draw.

  4. An

    OK, I’ve got to triple on what the heck is Geri Haliwell sporting? Seriously. All the other women are rocking black bustiers, even Baby Spice who is clearly with baby. Come on girlfriend you were a Spice Girl not a Gilmore. And, Posh, turn that mean frown upside down –

  5. t-storm

    spice girls turned spice mums.. except mel C.. er..B.. mmm.. C.. urgh wateva! those two always confused me

  6. Fifi

    It’s Mel C, she’s a lesbian right? Not like that’s going to stop her from having a baby, but might also be why she’s not a mother.

  7. Stranger than Fiction

    Spice Hags! Who in the heck wants to see this crappola? What a sad, desperate attempt to recapture a lost 15 seconds. ANYONE who buys this bunk (tickets or albums) needs a severe beating.

  8. Mel B

    Looks like Geri is on her way to an ‘impersonate yoru favorite Little House on the Prarie Character’ themed party – right after her spice girls reunion announcment.

  9. CarrieFever

    awwww memories SLAM IT TO LEFT IF YOUR HAVING A GOOD TIME…..tee-hee my god victoria’s breast look awful and it also looks like it hurts that poor thing

  10. -A

    Baby, Ginger, Scary, Sporty and Whory spice. Dear god what is posh wearing. Sequin pants?! The hair, the implants…the OBVIOUS implants… man I’d see just to see if they do a solo. The implants not the singers. Baby and Sporty were the only ones who could sing anyway.

  11. spiceboy23

    THANK GOD!!! ALREADY GOT MY PLANE TICKET TO VEGAS!!! The only way I would miss this is if I died before the concert! BTW, thanks webmaster, for actually being nice….so many haters out there. Viva Spice Girls!!

  12. Michelle

    So, I’m only 18, which put me around the age of 7 or 8 when they first hit it big. So excuse me while I do the dance to “Stop” in my platforms & Union Jack minidress. I have been waiting for this for yearsss— and I live in vegas, one of the cities on the tour. they better choose me to buy tickets.

  13. Jesus christ!! WTF is Vicky wearing? What a slut.

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