A Valentine’s Day Love Story: TomKat

MSNBC’s J.-Y. Zhao gives us a little TomKat recap of how the couple’s love has endured, while other Hollywood relationships keep falling by the wayside. I’m assuming Katie’s coffee fetching is just laying the groundwork for her new role as housewife.

How do you think the happy couple will be spending this holiday together?

We imagine they’ll certainly spend sometime using their private sonogram machine to observe the gestating TomKitten in Katie’s womb. (Unless that baby bump isn’t all it’s been claimed to be, as suggested by at least one Web observer.)

Perhaps they’ll put on a disc of relaxing and romantic music by fellow Scientologist Chick Corea. If Katie’s not into piano jazz, they might select the latest by Beck.

And of course, what could be more romantic than dual tag-team promotion of their new projects: Tom in “M:i:III,” as the trailer’s kludgy titles put it, and Katie in “Thank You For Smoking”? Indeed, it’s a special day.

So what really says “love,” Katie?

It’s love when real-life clichés come to life, because we all know that you said that as a little girl you thought you would “marry Tom Cruise.” Then last year, you actually got to fly to Los Angeles to meet with Tom Cruise about appearing in “M:i:III.” Dreams come true!

It’s love when neither of you can articulate in public how you first met, but swap endless spit on the red carpet in tandem with the release of your 2005 summer movies (“War of the Worlds,” for Tom, “Batman Begins” for Katie.)

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