A Trend Among ‘Housewives’: Go Lesbian For Music Career

Remember when Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak was reportededly dating DJ Tracy Young? And they she said, “Just kidding, I’m not a lesbian.” She was just canoodling for tracks and beats, right? Well, Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Danielle Staub smacks of the same b.s.

Last night Staub appeared on that awful Andy Cohen’s show Watch What Happens Live, and performed this awful song called “Real Close,” a duet with the songwriter and her apparent girlfriend, Lori Michaels. Watch the uncomfortableness unfold after the jump.But Staub took to Twitter to say that Michaels was the real deal and that she was her ‘gf.’

I’m so tired of all these women who feign being a lesbian in order to get press. What’s even more unnerving is that if a guy did it, his career would never recover and the media/public backlash would be ree-dick. Anyone remember Adam Lambert kissing that guy on ABC? I rest my case.

While cooing and coddling next to Michaels during the interview, Cohan point blank asked if she was a clam diver now, to which she refused to comment and started stroking Lori’s hair. Did you watch last night’s episode that was literally all about her shitty ass tits? And that she wasn’t doing it for aesthetic reasons…then…? Watch the video after the jump.

Whatever. I hate her. If I end up dead, look for me with concrete blocks on my feet swimming with the fish somewhere in Jersey.