A ‘Tight Race For Hideous’ On Project Runway (Spoiler Alert)

L’Oreal Paris make-up artist, Collier Strong, announced that the challenge this week was to create a high fashion look to be used in a L’Oreal print ad in Marie Claire. The winner of this week was to be given a $20,000 prize, as well as an editorial shoot using their design. Each designer picked a category of L’Oreal Eyeshadow Duo finish to develop their couture piece from finishes such as Matte, Bright, Crystal, Metallic, and Velvet. On day two, Tim Gunn announced a second look, a ready to wear piece, would accompany the high fashion look, with no additional time given to finish. While a few rose to the challenge, others presented perplexing and pitiful garments. Here are the top five moments from this week’s Project Runway:

Gretchen… I don’t like you. As far as I know, I don’t believe you can copyright a color palette. Gretchen bitched and moaned most of day one about how Michael Costello was stealing her colors, camel and burgundy (and shades of dusty rose). First and foremost, Gretchen needs to kick those colors to the curb. Every week she apparently likes to design high end clothing for Target employees; khaki and red is dead. Gretchen claims “boundaries were crossed” by Michael for choosing a shade of burgundy, and now she’s “created a monster”. Yeah OK. I was not a fan of either of Gretchen’s final designs. The feathering and beading made for unique details, but the Golden Girl vibe looked old and unflattering. Boooo.

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Mini-meltdown alert for Valerie. Oh I don’t have any
work done, oh I wasted a day and a half making this dress, oh I don’t
want to look like an asshole on the runway, oh I’m going to run into the
bathroom crying now and hope the remaining female designers follow to
console me….. I will give Valerie one sole pat on the back for not
quitting and for at least having the courage to acknowledge that her
looks were horrendous. With her high end look, Valerie did struggle with
trying to force a flowing material to look structured. As Michael Kors
noted, “It’s like trying to make a winter coat out of Kleenex….. all
the dress needs is a wand as an accessory.” The ready to wear dress was
very sad. Very very sad. The bizarre asymmetry of the bust line reminded
me of that one drunk friend whose dress you constantly have to tug down
on one side to lay straight, yet she never notices. Valerie is
extremely lucky she wasn’t sent home, but she shouldn’t apologize for
the judge’s decision to keep her.

Mondo, I’m so proud of you, you little suspender
sporting, knee sock wearing child-sized man. After picking “color” as
his L’Oreal category (surprise), Mondo created two fab looks. His
couture design kept a kaleidoscope’s changing colors, angles, and
designs as its source of inspiration, while his ready to wear dress was
beautifully constructed and slimming in design. Before he came on the
show Mondo had $14 in his bank account. Now he has $20,014. Well

Delusional about her design capabilities and overall taste level, Ivy said goodbye to Project Runway
tonight. Her designs were hideous and poorly constructed… a high
school Home Economics student could have created a more thrilling end
result than the unfortunate garments Ivy designed for a The Little Mermaid
themed Prom. Unlike Valerie, Ivy was seemingly unaware as to why she
was in the bottom, which furthermore proves the point that her eye for
taste level and design is lacking.

I love you Michael Kors. You make my heart smile. The end.