A Testifying Bono

It’s not nice to piss off Bono. The U2 frontman testified again on Tuesday in a Dublin court that fashion consultant Lola Cashman (pictured below, right) stole and tried to sell band memorabilia, including his iconic Stetson cowboy hat from the cover of the “Rattle and Hum” album.

Bono, dressed in a chocolate brown suit, took off his rose-tinted sunglasses in the dock Tuesday as he explained his sense of betrayal over Cashman, whom he described as an eccentric pain in the neck. Bono said he had picked the Stetson, not Cashman.

“It’s our stuff, she has it, and a lot more beside. We want out stuff back. We want her to stop selling it,” he said.

She’s claiming that the band showered her with gifts during the 1987-88 “Joshua Tree” world tour. Sure they did sweetie.

Bono testifies against U2’s ex-stylist [AP]

Written by Lauren Burch

Tags: Lawsuit