A Tale of Two Upskirts

October 19th, 2007 // 4 Comments


Did Rachel Bilson or Minka Kelly give away the store? Find out after the jump (NSFW).

It was Minka Kelly!


By Michael Prieve

  1. peachpie

    ok. i don’t get it. maybe it’s because i don’t know who either one of the two women in the headline are. or maybe it’s because all the photos look like the same woman to me. or maybe it’s because i’m not the socialite snark i should be.

    so much to learn……..

  2. silvarga

    Ever since Paris and Britney flashed their tw*ts all over the internets, we’re now forced to endure this “upskirt” shit. And while I’m sure that it’s great for Tom Sederburg and the like, I feel that there should be a law that at least provides stars exiting limos SOME revenge. It seems like every pap these days is kneeling at prime upskirt height so that when the car door opens they’ve got the Money Shot. If someone’s kneeling in front of your car door like that trying to get the upskirt, you should be legally free to jam a stiletto right in their fucking eye as you exit.

  3. not_clueless

    Just who are they?! Anyhow both are desperate starlets trying to make it big in the biz no matter what so they are prone to follow what Paris and Co. are famous for!

  4. f-listers

    her name did’nt get out until she dated john mayer not because of her acting..minka kelly trying to get publicity like paris and lindsey,britney she needs to keep her name in the spotlight….no one knows and cares who she is….

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