A Star With Some Dirty Text Messages

January 17th, 2008 // 16 Comments

Which rising actor with a celebrity girlfriend has been sending “dirty, flirty” texts to a slew of young ladies in Hollywood? At least that’s the gossip … (Gatecrasher)

Which doe-eyed young TV star is attracting attention for his indiscreet way with cocaine? “He will do it absolutely anywhere,” says a source. “Don’t tell anybody!” (Gatecrasher)

Which acting legend in a current release once offered a national beauty queen a vial of cocaine during a daytime golf round? While the lady declined, he seemed not to realize his coke had been clogged with moisture and sticky globs fell out of his schnoz the rest of the afternoon. (Gatecrasher)

Which hero-athlete, who has had two recent forays onto the small screen, has a private thing for cross-dressing? It is said to be the reason for his first divorce, although the current wife doesn’t know. (Gatecrasher)

By Michael Prieve

  1. Chaz

    “Doe eyed young TV star”–someone on Gossip Girl? All I know about that show is what I read here.

    “Acting legend in a current release” could be Jack Nicholson, although I don’t know if he golfs.

    The last one? Jeff Gordon is on his second marriage, but I don’t know that he’s been on TV recently. Oscar de la Hoya we’ve seen cross dress, so he wouldn’t qualify as a blind item.

  2. Zekers

    Chaz, he does golf and he was my obvious choice…clueless on the others though.

  3. sexyback

    The first one could be Chase Crawford as well. He’s dating the Underwood. Also could possibly be Justin Long (he’s still considered a rising actor, no?) who’s kinda dating the Barrymore.

    Jack is the obvious answer for the golfing coke one.

    Has Lance Armstrong been in movies recently? Is he considered a “hero” because of his balls?

  4. booyah

    Bruce Jenner a cross dresser?

  5. booyah

    Bruce Jenner a cross dresser?

  6. Julie

    The first one is surely Chace Crawford. “At least that’s the gossip … ” XOXO, Gossip Girl

  7. Enz

    Chace Crawford

    Jesse Metcalfe

    Jack Nicholson

    Bruce Jenner

  8. KB

    The first one is definitely Chase Crawford

  9. Emily B.A.

    I was thinking Zac Ephron for #2 . . .

  10. Kass

    Julie Yes… I was thinking him, and that quote is the exact reason I was more sure about it.

    Enz I couldn’t think of all of them, but those all make complete sense. I totally agree.

  11. jeffreychrist

    #1 isn’t Chase. Chase is gay and was a recent Blind Item here a few weeks back about he and his boyfriend hooking up in NY. Everyone in Hollywood knows he’s gay.

  12. Sarah

    1) No idea, but Chace Crawford sounds likely
    2) Zac Ephron. So doe-eyed it’s ridiculous.
    3) Definitely Jack Nicholson. No doubt.
    4) No clue.

  13. Surfergirl

    Bruce Jenner’s face has always looked feminine to me.

  14. Hamm

    1. Shia LaBeouf
    2. Jesse Metcalfe
    3. Jack Nicholson
    4. Bruce Jenner

  15. 1. Chace… I don’t know that he’s the answer behind the other blind item. Saw him with Carrie and he definitely was quite protective.. but who knows what’s real and what’s not.

    2. ZAC… it says doe-eyed… he has that look.

    3. no clue… Sylevester Stallone???

    4. I’m going Lance Armstrong… there’s something weird about him. And he’s a hero for that whole “Live Strong” campaign.

  16. Aby

    2 is Chace Crawford, “Don’t tell anybody!” is a reference to Gossip girl.

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