A Star With Some Dirty Text Messages

Which rising actor with a celebrity girlfriend has been sending “dirty, flirty” texts to a slew of young ladies in Hollywood? At least that’s the gossip … (Gatecrasher)

Which doe-eyed young TV star is attracting attention for his indiscreet way with cocaine? “He will do it absolutely anywhere,” says a source. “Don’t tell anybody!” (Gatecrasher)

Which acting legend in a current release once offered a national beauty queen a vial of cocaine during a daytime golf round? While the lady declined, he seemed not to realize his coke had been clogged with moisture and sticky globs fell out of his schnoz the rest of the afternoon. (Gatecrasher)

Which hero-athlete, who has had two recent forays onto the small screen, has a private thing for cross-dressing? It is said to be the reason for his first divorce, although the current wife doesn’t know. (Gatecrasher)

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