A Star Who Sleeps Around

November 28th, 2006 // 9 Comments

Which perfect husband was sleeping with a 19-year-old while his celebrity wife was pregnant with their third child? (Gatecrasher)

Which self-help guru cheats on his wife? One woman who regularly attends his seminars meets him in his hotel suite for “personal tutoring” after each session – and he still makes her pay for his classes. (Page Six)

Which actress who recently broke up with her long-suffering boyfriend is back dating a married man and snorting cocaine “like there’s no tomorrow”? (Page Six)

By Jessica Marx

  1. These are all I can think of:

    2-Dr. Phil
    3-Kate Bosworth or Sienna Miller

  2. Myfoote

    #1–Seal ( He’s seems he wouldn’t do that, but…)
    #2–No Clue
    #3–Kate Bosworth

  3. Myfoote

    #1–Seal ( He seems like he’s not like that but…)
    #2–No Clue
    #3–Kate Bosworth

  4. Ann

    1. Seal, I guess…
    2. Tony Robinson
    3. Kate Moss

  5. HelenSparkles

    Not Seal, only one of the two was his child while Heidi was pregnant, so now their children number 2 and she has one from a previous relationship.

    Definitely Tony Robinson

    & I think Kate Bosworth because Sienna Miller is more long suffering than her bf; Jude Law.

  6. Babybing

    Seal has publicly stated that he considers Leni, Heidi’s daughter with Flavio Briatore, to be his first child. Take it for what it’s worth.

  7. Babybing

    Kate Moss is NOT an actress.

  8. prissface

    1.) Peter Facinelli (Jenni Garth’s husband)
    2.) Dr. Phil
    3.) Sienna Miller

  9. kat

    Matt Lauer
    Tony Robbins
    Sienna Miller

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