A Socialite’s Life Throws Melissa Berkelhammer A Bone

Melissa Berkelhammer, (of whom I have never heard in my life) apparently spends her time aspiring to attain socialite status. Despite having had graduated from both Princeton and Harvard Law School, at 29 years old, Berkelhammer remains happily unemployed. In a recent interview with The New York Observer, Berkelhammer painted the picture of herself as a glamorous, party-hopping socialite. However, there is more to that picture than meets the eyes. The New York Daily News’ Lowdown dishes the dirt on the wannabe Paris:

Lowdown has learned that New York publicist and Hamptons Magazine columnist R. Couri Hay, currently making the television rounds to dish about the demise of Christie Brinkley’s marriage, receives thousands of dollars from Melissa’s mom and her dad, Manhattan psychiatrist Edward Berkelhammer. For an estimated $2,500 a month, Hay helps the reed-thin Berkelhammer get into exclusive parties and onto benefit committees. In one revealing E-mail to a fellow publicist, Hay mused: “She’s really a nice girl. Gaining 5 pounds, she looks the healthiest yet.”

Here, Missy. We wrote a little story about you. Happy?

P.S. Being popular shouldn’t be so hard.

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