A Socialite’s Library: ‘Secrets of the Model Dorm’

You may remember that I went to the Model Dorm’s decidedly fabulous book launch last week. After meeting the authors, Amanda Kerlin and Phil Oh, my expectations of the book were as high as some of the party-goers. I expected dirt, drama, and sex, sex, sex. Well, I got all of that and then some! From page 1 to 272, I couldn’t put the book down, and when it was finished, I wanted more!

What’s a model dorm, you ask? It’s a one bedroom pigsty filled with old Ikea furniture and a bunch of gorgeous girls sleeping in bunk beds waiting for their big break. Think modeling is easy and fun and sophisticated? Well, think again. This book illustrates just how un-glamorous the backstabbing, plastic world of modeling is. You get a contract, and then you get shelved in a shoebox with a list of rules to follow – go to your castings, don’t eat, and get LOTS of exercise! (How else are you going to keep dropping pounds and inches for your weekly measurements?)

Let the drama begin…

The reader tags along with up-and-coming model Heather from celebrity parties at exclusive clubs, to drinking Metamucil martinis at the apartment (ew, but brilliant), to sitting in a limo with another roommate trying to avert her eyes and close her ears as the girl gives her “friend” a blow job. Sounds fun, right?

In the Prologue, Heather walks in on her 16-year old roommate “getting railed” by a Latin model. It wasn’t the underage sex going on in her bed that pissed Heather off; it was the fact that her roommate was wearing her Dior heels. From there, the raunchy debauchery gets raunchier and debaucher-ier (yes, I’m making up a lot of words today)…

My favorite part of this book was trying to figure out who all the characters were – in real life. Based loosely around her own experiences at the model dorm, Amanda Kerlin dishes on “the child actress from the classic TV show Big Home putting back a shot of liquor with the comedian who had played her dad on the show.” Now, who could that be?

Secrets of the Model Dorm is a must read. It’s easy and fun, and, who knows…maybe one day we’ll be watching it on the big screen!