A Socialite’s Library: Joshi’s Holistic Detox: 21 Days to a Healthier, Slimmer You – For Life

Have you ever wondered how Gwyneth regained her MILF body so quickly? What about Cate Blanchett, Sadie Frost, and Kate Moss? Well, A Socialite’s Library dug deep and did some serious research to find out for you! Not only are the answers spelled out in a 250-page book (complete with yummy recipes), but the body you want can be yours after only 21 days of hard work!! Sound like a gimmick? Well, yours truly tried it out and will bet her teacup Yorkie on it!

Dr. Nish Joshi started his Holistic Detox journey after spending time working with dancers that would eat tissue paper and drink Diet Coke all day long just to stay thin. They’d be baffled when they were sickly or would sprain their ankles easily. Their unhealthy lifestyle was ruining them, inside and out, and Joshi saw a need for reform. From this necessity he created his Holistic Detox Program.

Joshi combines his training in Osteopathy and his Ayurvedic upbringing (he was raised in London by Indian parents that treated everyday ailments with holistic methods) to produce his unique program. The program is a more traditional homeopathic approach with a heavy emphasis on a healthy eating plan.

The person that helped Joshi bring his Detox Program to fruition was Diana, the late Princess of Wales. Says Joshi, “She was extremely fragile when I first met her. Her divorce from Prince Charles was going through and she felt very low and vulnerable…Initially, Diana came to see me about tension in her neck and back. It then became obvious that she needed to work on her diet if she was to find renewed energy and resolve. Diet and remedy soon had her looking and feeling better.”

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The plan is not about giving up foods and sacrificing all the fun in your life. There is no calorie counting, and this diet is healthy and safe. The central thought of this Detox program is to go alkaline. Western diets in particular are immensely focused on acidic foods that contain chemicals. By avoiding acidic, toxic and refined foods (wheat, potatoes, red meat, alcohol, and dairy) you will restore balance to the body’s pH level, therefore avoiding conditions such as acne, bloating, over-eating, sleeplessness, etc. The Detox addresses “your lifestyle, diet, emotional needs, home and work environment, activity levels, external stresses…” It is truly a “holistic” approach.

I decided to put this 21-day miracle program to the test as I prepared for my wedding. The stress of all the planning was getting to me. My weight was fluctuating, I was not sleeping well, and I was drained of all my energy; I felt dull, and I needed a boost. I picked up Joshi’s book and quickly went to work.

The first week was terrible. I was afraid to eat anything for fear of messing up the balance. Although the foods to avoid are clearly laid out for you in the book, the random offending ingredients in a bag of gluten-free pretzels will surprise you! Snacking is difficult, but it is so easy to cook within the program. Once I figured it out it was smooth sailing.

When my wedding day rolled around, I realized that I had maintained a healthy body weight, had clear skin, and plenty of energy! It was hard work getting there, and the program definitely required thought during a time when I didn’t have much to offer, but I wouldn’t have had as much success if it weren’t for Joshi. Not only did my body gain balance, but my entire life did. I have not stopped applying the Holistic Detox principals to my life, and I will never stray far from it. It’s not easy, but we’ve seen the results in celebrities, I’m a believer, and I will certainly say that it’s worth every ounce of effort!!

This is a must read for anyone that wants to improve their quality of life by working from the inside out! For more information on Dr. Joshi and The Joshi Clinic, visit The Joshi Clinic.

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