A Socialite’s Library: I Like You ~ Hospitality Under the Influence

Amy Sedaris refuses to disappoint with her new book, “I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence.” The hilarious and surprisingly beautiful Strangers With Candy star combines recipes, gift ideas, games, pictures, and bizarre tips into 300 pages of consistent and often bewildering silliness. This book has an answer for any question you’d ever want to ask (and some you’d never want to), and the meat of it is no joke.

It’s a mystery where Sedaris gets her material from, but her sense of humor strikes a bizarre balance between smarts and mindlessness. The wonderfully immature, off-color humor is seemingly endless, but there is definite value in reading “I Like You.” If you are wondering what to buy your friend the nun for her birthday (a shower cap) or trying to think up a fun game to play with the neighborhood kids (“busking” – taking them to the airport to have them entertain travelers for small change), this book is a helpful resource.

Santa Claus gave me this book last month (what a guy), and I must say that I read it cover to cover wearing a smile that started to hurt my face after page 4. And while I suspected there might a joke-recipe included, everything I’ve made has turned out safe to eat. I recommend this book to anyone who loves to laugh. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a book quite like this. But if one exists, I’d bet it’s not nearly as funny.