A Sneak Peak At The Britney Spears ‘Dateline’ Interview

June 15th, 2006 // 30 Comments

This is going to give Dave, Jimmy, Conan and Jay weeks of material.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. LimitedInc

    Express Rules! You hear that Doofus .. Express Rules bitch.

  2. Green Eyed Angell

    I think there is nothing left to say about her, just, WHAT A MESS….?

  3. LimitedInc

    Sorry for not staying on topic people. I figure if Doofus and her roaches can insult other people then so can I. No need to stay on topic right. This site is for talking shit about everyone not just celebrities!! Although, Miu tells me in a message that its for everyone to voice their opinions. Boy was she wrong !!

  4. Stoney

    If she wants to be left alone so bad so should move out of LA and get the fuck off of Dateline. Go live in Louisiana with your ‘simple’ druggie husband, pop out ten more kids, blow up to the cow you were always meant to be, and SHUT THE FUCK UP you worthless gum-smacking fashion-challenged piece of trash! What a stupid, lying dumbass.

  5. kw

    britney should do a reality show with annanicole
    smith DUH!

  6. lauren

    her makeup looks like it was done by a blind clown prostitute.

    i’m not even going to comment on the horrific clothes from Kmart and ridiculous amount of jewelry.

  7. J

    she looks incredibly bloated, trashy and unhappy. and it serves her right. go away.

  8. Sharon

    God she is so common… chewing gum whilst being interviewed….

  9. mamakins

    I really don’t know what she said or did in the interview because I couldn’t keep my eyes of her huge fake plastic exposed tits. Cover yourself, woman! You are trying to salvage your reputation! F’ing trash.

  10. Alyson

    PEEK!!! PEEK!!!! PEEK, DAMMIT, PEEEEEK!!!!! Jesus I wish the writers would read the comments. I don’t know why I feel more insane with every “sneak peak”, but I do. Please.

  11. earnourrespect

    Everything is the paparazi’s fault. Come on Brit, YOU keep putting yourself in the public eye. But, in all seriousness, if she’s feeling unsafe because of the papparazi than I guess it’s good she says something before it turns into a Princess Diana thing.

  12. gOssiP

    My God what a giant piece of white trailor trash! OMG the clothing, the jewelry, the gum chewing! Have some self-respect, but I guess Kevin sucked that out of you too! Jeez, she is pregnant, has more money than most people, and hookers dress better than her. No wonder people are talking about you honey!! Get a clue!

    And simple is definitely the word to describe your husband. I do enjoy how she avoids eye contact w/Matt and the camera when she answers about Kevin though. She’s done, this girl is a mess, and she’s a lost cause.

    Where has her mother gone?

  13. las

    Yeah, people have no idea what’s really going on. Britney, that’s the defense of a huffy thirteen-year-old, so shut up and say you were wrong.

    And you love Kevin because he has a “big heart.” Don’t you mean a different body part, rather than the heart?

  14. me

    ok, she looks like shit on a sick, but i do feel bad for her. if anything, i don’t wanna see anymore of her, the paparazzi should just leave her alone, at least until she gets some decent extensions and clothes. brit, you are a smart girl, what were you thinking???? ok back to the part where i feel bad, i do, she is right the paparazzi are brutal to her… oh just please take those damn extensions out!!!

  15. KittyLiterati

    Seriously, this whole Express argument is getting annoying and is ruining my reading.

    Limitedinc, you may have free rein to post here, but no one will give a hot crap about your comments because you’re making a bad first impression by carrying your irrelevant gibberish from one post to the next.

    This is the internet–stop whingeing and trying to catfight via keyboard, unless you can do it wittily (which hasn’t been the case on some people’s part), and let me read my gossip rags in peace.

  16. las

    The paps are “brutal” because she is a dumb hick who practically serves them ammo on a silver platter. What’s worse, she’s stubborn as well as stupid — she won’t accept that it’s her own fault that the public doesn’t buy her image or PR lies.

    (Except she wouldn’t buy silver, she’d buy a plastic tray from Wal-mart. Jist as good, and a LAWT cheaper, y’all!)

  17. Draya T.

    Dammit! You know some paralegal is paid to surf the web looking for these videos. That’s the job I want!

    I was dying to see this, too. Damn.

  18. Damage Control

    What the hell was the logic to her doing an interview like this? Christina Aguilera is laughing her tight, sexy TALENTED ass off.


  19. Legal Aide

    You know why she did this interview? Because she’s planning to divorce K-Scum, and this will shows she emotionally unstable, probably for A LONG TIME. Get it? Maybe for 2+ years?? Thus making yonder PRENUPTUAL AGREEMENT null and void, as she wasn’t in her right mind.

    K-Scum isn’t gettin’ shite from Brit-Brit, except the car she bought him and a kiss in the ass by Perry, the HAWT Manny!

  20. Legal Aide

    *chuckle* Sorry, kids I meant “kick in the ass”, not “kiss”.

    Although it paints a funny picture!

    K-scum should be so lucky to have a good looking guy like Perry the Manny interested in him.

  21. Joie

    OK, since they have yet to update on this whole thing… I watched the interview last night. And I am sorry to say, but she just made herself look worse. Everything she is going through, she did it to herself. BUT, I will save the rest of what I have to say until later.

  22. LimitedInc

    Hey Kitty, what do you mean first impression. I comment on here all the time as shoeslut. Im just tired of Doofus and her ragdolls insulting innocent people. Your right this is immature. I apologize for making you upset. I just wanted Doofus to get a taste of her own medicine. I’ll stop now.

  23. Trixie

    Doesn’t she have a stylist? If so, why not? She is gaining a huge amount of weight with this pregnancy and needs to cover up. Can’t someone tell her to stop flaunting it? COVER UP!!!!!

  24. doofus

    hey there fan #1! do you really think I care if you give me “a taste of my own medicine”? along those same lines, you shouldn’t really care what a bitch like me says about you, tia, or the Limited brands. it’s the internet, for cryin’ out loud.



  25. LimitedInc

    Doofus I know its the internet. So dont try to sit there and make me feel stupid for talking shit to you online when thats all you ever do to people who leave comments on here. Oh and you also sit there and try to correct me on my grammar. Hey Doofus, its the internet!! My grammar can be as shitty as I want it to be. This aint school. So stop trying to play teacher. Also, I dont care what you say to Tia. I care that you insult my job. If you dont like Express fine, but that job is my life. You sit there and insult my job constantly. It really pisses me off. Learn some respect.

  26. LimitedInc

    Oh and I almost forgot …

    To keep this bullshit argument going would be stupid. I dont want to upset anymore people like I did kitty. Once again I apologize about that. Anyway, say what you want Doofus. Im sure you will since you are relentless until you get the last word in. I wont respond to you anymore.


  27. doofus

    uh, limited? I don’t need to “make you feel stupid”…apparently you do that all on your own.

    you are way off base. or just lying to make a point. insulting other posters is not “all I do”. there are plenty of posts I make that are not insulting to anyone except the target of the blog (britney, lohan, etc…)

    in fact, if you actually read my comments instead of just looking for my name, you’d see I hadn’t said anything to or about tia (or the crappy limited brand clothing) in months. I just thought the express reference was funny, and so did KSI btw, and you didn’t say anything to him, OR the actual poster who made the comment. and if you think that I have some sort of control over the other posters here (I believe you referred to them as my “roaches” and my “ragdolls”), you are more paranoid than I thought. People post what they want to. I’m not the one who made a correlation between being dumb and working at express. why don’t you get on that person’s case? Go off on the person who made the joke, not the people who laughed at it. If a comedien says something you find offensive and people laugh at it, should you be more mad at the comedien or the audience?

    And if “your job is your life”, I would suggest that you get a NEW one, as NO ONE’S job should be their entire life. Get out more.

    “learn some respect”? I urge you to take your own advice.

    and here’s some more advice, from me to you. if you don’t like what I write, then just ignore my posts when you see my name. There are plenty of people on here whose posts I disagree with, but what I do is just NOT respond.

    It’s like the whole freedom of speech issue. People have the right to say pretty much whatever they want. some of that speech is pretty hateful (think KKK, american nazi party, etc…). What do I do? IGNORE IT.

    YAY! Express Rules! Now back to cheerleading practice with you.

    (and btw, I’d like to point out that your posts are written to sound ALARMINGLY like tia’s…)

  28. tia

    Stop bringing my name into this.

  29. tilajo

    Ok, kids, knock it off…
    Back on topic…anyone hear the news that Brit wants to deliver her baby in Namibia?? Has this girl just lost what’s left of her mind?
    Let’s see..should I deliver in an advanced American hospital with the best in neo-natal equip, doctors & nurses or deliver in 2 floor, stucco hospital in NAMIBIA, AFRICA?

  30. sarbar

    Don’t you guys think this is all a big set-up? I mean, no publicist in their right mind is going to let their star (no matter how bloated, trashy, and idiotic she is in real life) go on Dateline with purple, chipped nail polish, bad hair extensions, and tacky-ass clothes unless it’s to serve a purpose. Brit’s people are counting down the days until Baby Federline II is born so they can get her back in the gym and revved up for her big comeback. Until then, they’re going to make her look as awful as possible, all the better for the contrast. I can practically see the before-and-after spread in US Weekly now . . .

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