A Shaggy Rocker With Interesting Tendencies

January 22nd, 2007 // 10 Comments

How about a few blind items?

Which shaggy-haired rocker with a perky pop-star girlfriend has the nightclub circuit buzzing that he’s been taking guys home with him late at night? [Page Six]

Which famous athlete isn’t as interested in women as his fans believe? He has been able to keep his sexuality under wraps, but the question is for how much longer. [Page Six]

Which pretty-boy British import actor dismayed his date when she caught him with his hand on another fella’s behind? [Gatecrasher]

By Jessica Marx

  1. Jen

    1.) John Meyer

    2.) Lance Armstrong

    3.)Jude Law

  2. Luella Dior

    1) John Mayer is not a rocker…I think its someone indie…Joel Madden?
    2) Lance
    3) Jude

  3. nunya

    jared leto?

  4. Whit

    1. John Mayer
    2. Tom Brady
    3. Orlando Bloom

  5. Liz

    IT says Perky pop star girlfriend – so its not Joel Madden, who is dating Nicole Richie. It is John Meyer – he has shaggy hair.

  6. adrian

    1. John Mayer

    2. Tony Romo, Derek Jeter.

    3. New James Bond.

  7. Charity

    John Mayer

    Tom Brady or (I hate to say this because I am in love with him) David Wright from the NY Mets

    And the New James Bond

  8. ellen

    1. mayer
    3. jude

  9. Jenn

    HAHAHA Ellen…Manning is married. I’d go along with the Lance Armstrong for the second blind and Mayer for the first. Not sure about the third.

  10. Gwenyth

    1.Jessica simpson’s new guy John

    2. andy roddick?

    3. Jonathan Ryes Meyers from Match Point and MIII but I think he’s irish…not sure about spelling

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