A Rocker With a Boyfriend

July 25th, 2007 // 26 Comments

Which rocker half of a married couple had a steady boyfriend for years before his headline-making nuptials with his famous girlfriend? (Gatecrasher)

Which toke-loving chart-toppers caused a security scare because they were so stoned they left behind unattended luggage at an airport? (Gatecrasher)

By Kimberly London

  1. jt_boi

    Second one’s JT and Timbaland. Can’t think of the first.

  2. Sylvia

    #1 – Don’t know.

    #2 – Is it Pete Doherty??

  3. stolidog

    #1….lead singer from ColdPlay, (Chris Martin?).

  4. Silly

    Kate Hudson & whatever his name

  5. Welch

    1. David Bowie?

    2. ?

  6. me

    Keith Urban/Nicole Kidman or Dave Navarro/Carmen Electra?

  7. jen

    #1. Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale
    #2. prolly the Timbs (Timberlake/Timbaland)

  8. smax

    First one is Gavin Rossdale (who was with Boy George in the eighties), whos married to Dear Gwen

  9. velvet

    If it is Gavin, he wasn’t with Boy George, but rather with a hanger on of George’s, a pretty transvestite named Marilyn.

  10. me

    #1: Michael Jackson

  11. spot on

    definitely dave navaro. it says “rocker half” so can’t be gav and gwen and they are both in music.

    for the second, figuring it’s john mayer, right?
    has to be!

  12. Erica

    Dave Navaro to the first one

  13. Erica

    Dave Navaro to the first one

  14. 1. ?
    2. Ashley Simpson and that eyeliner wearing guy she is dating, Pete Wentz maybe? They are notorious for being stoned all the time.

  15. Kristen

    Not sure on the first but the second sounds like something Maroon 5 would do. They’ve admitted to doing pot on their freetime.

  16. S_M_G

    1. Dave Navarro

    2. Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz

  17. rebecca

    Its Gavin: “Rocker half” is because Gwen is more pop/ska/stupid and he is more rock, albeit lame rock.

  18. Of all the answers, I like the Chris Martin of Coldplay idea. I think the key is “headline making nupitals”…Gwyneth Paltrow is pretty famous as well as her family and remember Steven Spielberg is her godfather. Navaro/Electra would not be “headline making nupitals”. I hope this one comes out because I am very curious

  19. Zekers

    Chris Martin of Coldplay was my first thought.
    The second one could be any number of people!

  20. beachy

    #1 Kid Rock
    #2 Justin Timberlake

  21. beachy

    #1 Kid Rock
    #2 Justin Timberlake

  22. Susan

    what about Seal and Hiedi Klum for #1 — They were the first ones that came to mind.

    As for #2, which rockers aren’t that high all the time???

  23. goil

    #1 Rod Stewart. He just married his longtime model girlfriend and is totally bi.

  24. jessa

    1. avril and her man
    2. no clue:(

  25. jessa

    1. avril and her man
    2. no clue:(

  26. mckenna

    #1. Gotta be Rod Stewart.
    #2. Timberlake and Timbaland. Could be any number of celebrities though, too vague.

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