A Rehabbed Starlet With a Meth Problem

May 22nd, 2007 // 16 Comments

Which rehabbed starlet was in for addictions even worse than alcohol and cocaine? She’s still battling a crystal meth habit. (Page Six)

Someone with experience of our often-cited massage-therapist-loving Hollywood star writes in with a description of exactly how he hits on them: “He tells the therapist that he’s had so many massages he’s become an expert – then tries to get him on the table so he can massage him.” (Gatecrasher)

Which bald billionaire had friends worried because he was walking with a cane? He laughed off speculation he threw out his back while overexerting himself one night in the sack. (Page Six)

By Jessica Marx

  1. genevieve83

    1. I wanted to think it was Whitney, Britney or Kate, but they aren’t starlets. So, it has to be LaLohan. She’s the only starlet I can think of that’s been in rehab for awhile.

    2. No idea.

    3. Trump? Everyone knows he’s bald under that rug.

  2. Trixie

    1. Lohan.

    2. John Travolta.

    3. Ron Perelman

  3. 1. Nicole Ritchie
    2. John Travolta
    3. David Geffen

  4. I think number three is Vince McMahon. A couple months ago he had his head shaved bald by Trump.


  5. Zekers

    We all have seen how meth ages a person and there have been a lot of comments lately about how old Missy Lindsay is looking so….

  6. decoder

    1. The obvious choice would be Lindsay Lohan, but I’m going to go with Mary-Kate Olsen. She is (or was?) a known meth user.

    2. John Travolta

    3. Ron Perlman

  7. April

    1,. selma Blair
    2. matteo
    3. bruce willis

  8. dots

    1. LOHAN or Selma Blair… Selma is REALLY skinny these days.

    2. Travolta!

    3. I agree with Ron Pealman.

  9. dragnfly

    1. Jodie Sweetin– Is she considered a starlet?

    2. John Travolta

    3. Ron Perlman

  10. echoroc

    jodie sweetin isn’t a mystery though. she blabbed her meth habit on some e! show or something. i bet it was selma blair, too. the other two items i couldn’t care less about.

  11. m

    what about fergie? shes been known to use meth in the past too.

  12. Bermy Lou

    Its got to be
    Tina Yothers
    J Howard Marshall
    Rip Taylor

  13. anon

    didn’t selma blair just get out of rehab…??

  14. stolidog

    rehab starlit with a meth problem…..um, all of them?

  15. that is such a sketchy drug its made from things around the house you can die while making it umm wait dont say iit dont do it. What ever happened to alcohol marijuana and cocaine at least a six year old can read the ingredients. Rule of thumb its not as bad if a child can read the i ngredients. Meth is lower than crack and heroin.

  16. rone

    1. Britney Spears
    2. John Travolta
    3. Ron Perelman

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