A Plethora Of Blind Items

December 19th, 2005 // 7 Comments

If you can’t figure out the first and third items, you haven’t been paying attention to all things gossip.

Which young actor freaked in recent months when a director scheduled him to shoot a death scene on the anniversary of his brother’s death? (via Gatecrasher)

Which A-list actress throws a punch like a prizefighter? When the sexy thesp caught her wealthy boyfriend bugging out on cocaine and booze in a room at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont, the couple got into a vicious argument that led to the actress slugging her boyfriend in the face, causing him to fall and chip his tooth on a table. But they soon reconciled and spent the day driving around L.A. looking for a good cosmetic dentist. (via Page Six)

Which up and coming young actor got his recent first high profile role using other skills than his acting talents. The heroic star secured the role by going the extra mile with the director that the other young actors linked with the role refused to. Now that the true nature of his ‘audition” has been leaked to the press, studio publicists are working overtime to divert attention to the actor’s other attributes… (via BritBoy in L.A.)

Which Hollywood actor and his wife stiffed the staff at a historic downtown hotel with no tips whatsoever after living there more than a month? He was in town working on a play and she reportedly drove the staff nuts with her diva demands before they packed up and left without tipping. (via Page Six)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Lynn

    Joaquin Phoenix? Uma Thurman? Help me out here…I am SO not good at the blind items!

  2. I agree that the first is Joaquin Phoenix…. the rest…. I’m at a loss! HELP!!!

  3. me

    joaquin sounds good for the first one, and as for the second one i’d say that kid from prison break, i’ve heard rumors of him being gay.

  4. me

    damnit, i meant the third one for the prison break kid

  5. tiffany

    The 3rd one is obviously Brandon Routh (aka the new Superman).

  6. tiffany

    The 3rd one is obviously Brandon Routh (aka the new Superman).

  7. sadams

    The first one Joaquin Phoenix.

    I agree with tiffany on the 3rd being Brandon Routh. Stories about him (his endowment) and director Bryan Singer have been part of the gossip lately. It is rumored that the guy Pyro from X-Men got his job from Singer this way too.

    The 4th is too hard.

    The second one I can come up with several names, but I don’t know how A-List they are. That part throws me.

    (I don’t know if any of this is true or correct, but I always enjoy guessing at these blind items.)

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