A Peek At the Beckham Holmes-Cruise Kid Wear

The two BFF’s are like Batman and Robin and instead of fighting crime they will be joining forces to design. Their gift of fashion will be for the children of the word who just don’t have enough couture in their closets.

Britain’s Daily Express reports that:

“They are both really excited about this new project. Katie recently sketched out some designs for a party dress for Suri’s first birthday and Victoria saw there was the potential there for the two of them to come up with some great designs. As they are both mothers who love fashion, it couldn’t have been more ideal for them.”

I am guessing the party dress was the sketch Katie was holding in her hands in early March. She was on her way to a meeting with the mock up of a long sleeved frock complete with a fabric swatch.

It’s like I am a super detective/investigative fashion addict. Or maybe I am just sober enough to put two and two together. Lets just go with super sleuth for now.

Another Pic of Katie With Design in Hand After the Jump

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