A Nude Levi Johnston And His Hockey Stick

December 5th, 2009 // 10 Comments

Love him or hate him, when Levi Johnston decided to pose naked (sans penis) for Playgirl magazine, it caused quite a stir. He was rumored to have posed with a hockey stick in some of the photos, and those pics have finally surfaced.

Launch the gallery by clicking the photo above to check out the NSFW photos of Levi Johnston posing naked with a hockey stick.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. LOL!

    My friends and I are laughing hysterically…this guy is such a loser!

  2. Joyce

    Doesn’t take much to cover his private parts. Can’t be too much under that glove.

  3. Jean

    Who in their right mind wants to see this moron’s body? yuk

  4. Oscar in Miami Beach

    Women are so ridiculous bit**es.Those 3 commenting and ripping Levi apart would be the first ones to jump on his bone(s) if they get 1/4 of a chance or less.Hypocrites.Envy is such an ugly think.LOL!,Joyce and Jean liars.

  5. LJ

    Ok Joyce and Jean, It would be wise for you to check your husbands or boyfriends out (if you even could). You may not like Levi but they would be willing to give him a go. He’s hot, handsome, well built and as for hung (since you brought it up) you never heard the term “a grower not a shower.” You fools with your narrow-minded thinking. Your bi or bi-curious husbands and boyfriend’s in many case would be very willing to drop to their knees for him or lie face down for that matter. Check out craigslist men for men under personals and the same for casual encounters and Adam4Adam. Just checkout how many are posted their with “looking for something different” “wife or girlfriend is away.” The only mistake I ca see that he made is getting involved with that moron Sarah Palin.God help us all if she gets anywhere else in public office.

  6. John

    Stupid remarks from those women! I say to them do you even know how big a boxing glove is? Well, it’s big. So who’s to say David Beckham did not have a sock in his Armani’s? You two know NOTHING…you know so much you know s**t!

  7. John

    Are Joyce and Jean insane? Obviously they have no idea as to the size of a boxing glove. It’s BIG you silly bitc**s. You remind of a stupid Sarah who thinks Africa is a country. If these photos in any, way, shape, or form help to prevent her from become a serious candidate (even those two words are a joke) then so be it. Thanks to Levi we can move off David Beckham (who may have had a sock in his Armani underwear for all we know).

  8. someone
    Commented on this photo:

    Nice ass haha

  9. Jen16
    Commented on this photo:

    Holy shit haha take that shirt off… daymnnnnnnn sexy

  10. Jen16
    Commented on this photo:

    BTW Bristol didn’t deserve that fine piece of ass…. damn… wish I had him

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