A Nicole Kidman Pregnancy

March 14th, 2006 // 22 Comments
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Now that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have finally gone public with their romance, the pregnancy rumors have started. Take for instance th occurrence on Oscar night that took place between George Clooney, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

Word is a reporter paid a waiter to hover around the couple for any insight. At one point, George came up to them to congratulate them in advance of their March 11th plans and Nicole replied that everything has now been ‘moved to June’. Two days later, another spy caught her mid conversation on her cell, visibly agitated, and he claims to have heard her say ‘the baby is your priority, but what about me? What about ME?’ before clicking off. And you don’t need a Ph.D. in gossip to figure out who she might have been talking to.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. um

    i thought nicole kidman couldn’t carry a child to term–hence the miscarriage and tom leaving her in the first place

  2. YourFACE


  3. Sal

    Sounds more like she was speaking to Tom, no? I imagine they still talk logistics, seeing as they do share two children.

  4. k

    Maybe she was talking to Tom (as Sal said) about the fact that he wanted her to move her wedding date cause of the birth of his spawn.

    Yea yea I know that is all gossip too, but it’s fun ;)

  5. mandy1009

    The first thing I thought after reading that was that she was talking to Tom. I really don’t think she is pregnant. Just a couple of weeks ago at the Oscars she had no bulge in her tummy area. The picture of her just looks like her shirt is bulging out a little. You don’t get a pregnancy tummy like that over night. The shirt I am earing today probably makes me look pregnant too. I am sure if someone followed me around today and took pictures they would assume the same thing. I think its funny that the media is assuming everyone is pregnant these days. I never believe it until they come out and announce it themselves.

  6. Dusty

    Ditto on the Tom Cruise thing. I think it was the but himself on the other end. I think he is selfcentered and actually thinks that Nicole’s personal life should still come second to his. And he knows damn well people are more interested in her than Katie Holmes.

  7. Julie

    She is talking about Tom’s baby being a priority, not her own baby…DUH! Katie is preggo, not Nicole.

  8. doofus

    to “um”…

    regarding that miscarriage…

    what I heard (LOVE the rumor mill!) was that Tom was unable to get a woman pregnant (hence the reason he and Nicole adopted…)

    and that when it came out she was pregnant and miscarried, he broke up with her not because she couldn’t carry a baby, but because the baby couldn’t have been his. that is, she cheated…

    who knows? but it sure is fun to speculate!

    and I agree with most of you…I think she was talking to Tom about Katie’s baby being a priority (for him) but “why should it be a priority for ME?” is what she was saying. and after all, there were those rumors last week of Tom wanting Nic to delay her wedding plans so as not to do anything that might be “detrimental” to their children…I guess he was worried that a new sibling and a new step dad would be too much for them to handle. judging by what they’ve “handled” in their lives already (PSYCHO Dad!), I think they’ll be OK. Personally, I think Tom just doesn’t want anything to trump his alien spawn’s birth (news-wise)…

  9. Sarah

    Oooh, I like Julie’s theory. Maybe she’s trying to talk some sense into Tom. Talk about a lost cause…

  10. Shannon

    Sounds like Tom is trying to complicate Nic’s life as much as he can and putting the kids in the middle. He wants to hog the kids to make it look like he’s such a great dad and Nic isn’t -manipulating his public image again-keeping the kids away from Nic and Keith. Nic is too sensitive regarding the children and doesn’t want them to have to suffer through the problems Tom is pushing in their relationship! Meanwhile,
    he’s setting her up for the public to think she doesn’t want the kids and is a bad mother and putting Katie in that role of being there with him for the kids. Well I don’t buy it for a minute – Tom is again trying to destroy Nic’s popularity with the public. Nic as always been a team player with Tom in regards to he children, but now with Katie -a baby – his popularity falling by leaps and bounds – he’s going to try the Brad Pit move of looking like the happy family man to get him positive publicity. I know I’m not buying it! As for Nic,
    I think she’s the greatest and deserves the greatest guy – Keith needs to start acting and showing he cares more about her or he will probably loose her. If I were Nic, I’d take some space and see if he doesn’t start to miss her – he’s taking her for granted looks like to me.

  11. Desert

    I agree that The baby in the conversation is probably Katie’s baby.

    I don’t think Nicole looks pregnant either, though some tops certainly make it look that way.

    mandy1009 – I think I look about 4 months pregnant in some of my clothes too! Imagine if we really were snap-worthy of the paps. :)

  12. Nicole

    In my opinion I believe she was talking to Tom about Katies baby, I sure hope she didn’t postpone her wedding date to accomodate him, if that is the case, Nicole needs to put her foot down with Tom sooner than later of she is going to create big problems in her relationship with Keith.

  13. Murphy

    I don’t think ms. kidman can get pregnant. If so,why did her and Tom adopt? If she is,”with child” she couldn’t have picked a better father than keith. He would make the greatest dad. I personally hope he dumps her. She’s no good for him or his career.

  14. Shannon

    Congrats to Nicole and Keith if the rumors are true. They will make great parents. :)

  15. AnastasiaBeaverhausen

    Run Keith Run!!

    Look at all the men she’s been with since Tom. Steve Bing and Lenny Kravitz for starters. I can only imagine that after Kravitz that sex with her is like throwing javelin down a hallway.

  16. Blank

    Keith is gorgeous. And just because Nic had a miscarriage back in the day doesn’t mean that she can’t carry a child to term or can’t get pregnant. Miscarriage is very common, unfortunately. The only thing I think stands in the way of her having a baby is the fact that she’s underweight.

  17. Lee Peters

    I wish all of these people would wait until they are married to have babies. It would look more resoectful to them and to the baby also to be born in wedlock the right way it should be. I wish these people had more respect for them selves and unborn children and have some good morals for a change which is RARE nowadays. Follow Billy Graham’s example get married and THEN have children.

  18. Linda

    She was probably talking to Tom and it was HIS baby being discussed….but is this ANYONE’S business in the grand scheme of things WHO she was talking to?? Her job is to ENTERTAIN us and she has no obligation to tell anyone what she is or is not doing in her private life. WHY do people CARE so much about this stuff? Find a cause to get involved in and give your time to that instead of worrying so much about what the stars are doing. They deserve SOME privacy and not to be in every tabloid and paper in the world. If you were in her shoes you would want your privacy…it is bad enough that every move she makes is caught on tape and every phone call is LISTENED to when it is NOT our business. Thank you.

  19. a fan

    rumours, rumours, rumours!!! nicole’s not pregnant!

    besides the quote:”the baby is you priority, but what about me. What about ME?!” sounds more as if talking to Tom, not Keith. If she were talking to Keith, it would be both their responsibility, and saying such nonsense as above would make no sense at all. I’m sure Nicole knows very well what and what is not her responsibility.

  20. flowergirl

    tom cruise in fact wanted to make it look that the baby nicole miscarried was not his. but she had anticipated that move and had had the foetus’ preserved or something. when her lawyers threatned to go to court to prove the paternity, cruise backed off. he is a no good moron who celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary at disneyland and then moved the dates a couple of weeks earlier in the divorce papers in order to avoid paying half his fortune to her ( as stipulated by the california law for couples wh are married for more than ten years). what guarantee is there anyway that katie holmes is carrying his child? both mimi rogers and nicole couldn’t have his child when they were married..

  21. ck

    I agree with a few here who remind us that miscarriage is very common (probably about 25% of all conceptions end in miscarriage) and I think that Nicole was pregnant when Tom cynically dumped her. I get a bit squeemish in thinking of the twisted “deal” that poor sweet young Katie Holmes has entered into – probably alot lot like selling her soul to the devil. I’m pleased to see Keith and Nicole together – both so attractive and so Aussie and hope that they “live happily ever after”. I hear a lot of folks (women especially) diss’ing Nicole, saying that she is a Hollywood ice queen that he shouldn’t marry. Jealous wenches – do they think that if he broke with her that he would marry them? I see right through ‘em! Not too many women on this planet have her beauty or talent to offer their mate.

  22. Joss

    She couldnt conceive, whats so hard to understand?

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