A New Addition To Bobby Brown’s Arrest Record


Oh, Bobby. And it seemed like you were doing so well, staying out of trouble and shit. On a recent visit to his daughter’s cheerleading competition in Massachusetts, Bobby Brown got nabbed outside Attleboro High School over the weekend. He’d skipped out on a hearing this past October about the child support he owes Kim Ward. Back then, Bobby paid $11,000 and was supposed to show up in court to show that he was on the up-and-up with his payments.

The 38-year-old singer was scheduled to appear Monday afternoon in Norfolk Probate and Family Court, said Adam Loomis of All State Constables in Weymouth. “He was supposed to show up and prove everything was up-to-date,” Loomis said.

I think it’s obvious what the root of the problem is here: cheerleading competitions.

As a bonus, you can read Lisa’s story about the time her mom met Bobby Brown at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” almost a year ago today after the jump…

Last year at this time, my mom was in town visiting me to watch me run the L.A. Marathon for the first time. I was working on a sitcom pilot for Fox, that ended up falling victim to “‘Til Death” (damn you, Brad Garrett) and got hooked up with some tickets to the green room for “Jimmy Kimmel Live” for my mom. Since I had to work late, she went by herself.

When I picked her up at the end of the show, she got into the car and told me, “I met Bobby Brown. He was the nicest man.”

I laughed and had her tell me the whole story.

“Well, I was there pretty early and I got some food to eat from the buffet. They had all kinds of good stuff. Then, Bobby showed up with his entourage. He went up to get something to eat and introduced himself. He said, ‘I’m Bobby Brown.’ And I shook his hand and said, “It’s very nice to meet you. I’m Teresa Timmons and I know who you are. I watch your show. Also, I remember when you were in that group with those boys.”

I have to interject here for a moment how happy I was that she referred to “New Edition” as “that group with those boys.”

“And he asked where I lived and I told him Savannah and he said,’Oh, my wife has family in Atlanta.’ And I said, ‘I know.’ Then I recommended he try the steak. He was such a gentleman. It’s such a shame they seem like such a mess on that a show.”

And that, my friends, is the legend of Bobby Brown and Teresa Timmons.