A Movie Stud Wanting Some Man-Candy?

August 21st, 2006 // 4 Comments

It’s time for a few blind items.

Which movie-star stud is cowering in the closet? He was spotted last month making out at Cipriani in Venice with a hot piece of man-candy?

Which sexy Latina actress who loves to talk about how much she loves her boyfriend secretly hooked up with an older gent after a recent awards show?

Which news anchor’s boorish behavior forced his network to shell out big bucks to several women so they would drop their sexual harassment claims? He invited the ladies out to dinner – where he often couldn’t keep his hands to himself – and then badgered them to come back to his apartment. Now the network is instituting mandatory sexual-harassment-awareness classes.

Just Asking [Page Six]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. HelenSparkles

    The actress has got to be Eva Longoria. I don’t mind these items being blind, but couldn’t someone tell us if we are warm or cold?!

  2. JaneSays

    I agree that that’s Eva. I just think her constant protestation of “I LOVE TONY” are a bit too much to take seriously.

    I think the creepy news anchor is Donny Deutsch. He’s creepy in that date-rapey kind of way. All his shows are about abusing women, abusing children, child predators, pervs and freaks.

    As for the closeted stud, I’d guess Clooney only because the rumours about him have run rampant for years and he’s based in Italy (assuming we’re talking about Venice, Italy). But he has a home there so why would he take to a hotel to do that??? But damn, that’s not nearly enough to go on.

  3. fanforreal

    I would say Jessica Alba because she was just at the teens choice awards(that’s very recent) and eva hasn’t been to an award lately. Check wireimage. But I don’t think Jessica is vocal about her relationship so maybe I’m wrong.

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