A Million Little Refunds

January 12th, 2006 // 5 Comments

In an unprecedented move, Random House is offering refunds to readers who bought James Frey’s drug and alcohol memoir “A Million Little Pieces” directly from the publisher, following accusations that the author exaggerated his story. The refund will be issued in pennies, to go along with the “Million Little Pieces” theme. If only it could be proven that Jesus really didn’t turn water into wine, a number of people may be seeing refunds come their way, as well.

Readers calling Random House’s customer service line to complain on Wednesday were told that if the book was bought directly from the publisher it could be returned for a full refund. Those who bought the book at a bookstore were told to try and return it to the store where it was bought.

“If the book was bought directly from us we will refund the purchase price in full,” one Random House customer service told Reuters, adding that readers would have to return the book with the original invoice. “If you bought it at a book store, we ask that you return the book to the book store.”

“A Million Little Pieces” is still listed as non-fiction. How long will it take for that to change? No word on if your typical bookstore is going to offer the same refund or not. blogNYC is monitoring Barnes and Noble’s response.

Readers offered refund for controversial memoir [Reuters]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. nicole

    Urban myth

  2. Bella

    what do people expect? he was drunk and high — his memory can’t be all that. :-)

  3. Likes to read

    Hey, if you liked the book, don’t try to return it. If you were going to live your life through it, then you need a different book!

  4. Now can someone take on another Oprah 3-hanky weeper, that When Rabbit Howls thing by the woman who supposedly has 99 personalities? I enjoyed it & thought it was wonderfully written Grand Guignol. Too wonderfully written. Oprah wept. With Eve & Sybil debunked, can Rabbit be far behind?

  5. V

    Thats bullshit. It shouldnt be refunded… You bought the book and you read it. SO what if it was exaggerated?? Its like saying, you ordered food, ate the entire plate, and then decided that it was exaggerated and refund it. Bullshit. Being fiction or non-fiction… if you read it.. what difference does it make? Its not like its a book of laws, its just a story that gives people examples and a guide to how to overcome that problem…. if you refund it because it was “Exaggerated” then you’re just cheap.

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