A Little Sex Advice From Miu von Furstenberg

The wonderful folks over at Nerve.com interviewed me and a few other socialite’s on some of our sex and relationship tips. I’m in good company – the other socialite’s featured are Ann Dexter-Jones, Anthony Haden-Guest, and Esther Nash. You’ll also get a quick glimpse of the me, albeit in an older photo.

Here’s a little preview:

Have you ever fucked “below your station?” Oh Lord, who hasn’t? A few times it was to rebel against my family. The best way to piss mother off is to bring your unfavorable boy-toy home to a family dinner.

Would you recommend doing it? Of course you should do it. Just because a man isn’t on your same level doesn’t necessarily mean he’s any less of a man. Plus, at some point someone will be fucking you below his or her station, so why not share the wealth?

Many thanks to Alexis Tirado and Nerve.com.

Sex Advice From Socialite’s [Nerve.com]