A Likely Story

June 11th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Rihanna of “Umbrella-lel-la” fame is trying to tell some cutesy story about how Jay-Z has to approve of all the men she dates. Mmm hmm. Ok. Right. I’m sure it has nothing to do with why Beyonce wrote “Ring the Alarm” about your ass.

“I just found out from a mutual friend that guys will talk to Jay first before they try to approach me,” Rihanna, 19, told PEOPLE at a Venus Breeze event in New York City (her gams were named this year’s “Celebrity Legs of a Goddess”).

“He’s very protective,” she says of her mentor, who discovered her and signed her to his Def Jam label. “Jay has my best interests in mind. If it’s a good guy I know Jay won’t shut him down. But if he’s not, Jay will be like, ‘No, no, no.’ “

She goes on to say that Jay-Z won’t tell her who these men are. I think he’s just trying to create some kind of paranoid situation and lock her up in a hip-hop Rapunzel tower! You know he wants under that umbrella.


By J. Harvey

  1. stolidog

    i’m pretty sure he’s already under that umbrella…isn’t that what the song is about?

  2. libby

    ..um…” legs of a goddess”?.. you’re kidding.. right?

  3. DeadPlasmaCell

    I’m just glad she’s covering up that landing strip of a forehead there..even still..

  4. celia

    love me some Rihanna. now she and Jay-Z need to start pushing out some Bajamerican babies. i totally approve.

    Beyonce is passe.

  5. Celebrity Legs of a Goddess? Hmmm, don’t see it. She has no definition in her legs…her calf goes right into her foot…no ankles…kinda freaky.

    Apparently these people have never seen Gabrielle Union. Those are gams

    Stolidog, Yeah, you know Jay has popped the hood there.

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