A Latina Actress And Her Female Hairstylist Heat Things Up

April 24th, 2008 // 15 Comments

Which gorgeous Latina actress is said to have a Sapphic relationship with her hair stylist? (via Gatecrasher)

Which A-list actor with a long-suffering wife is not only a serial philanderer (we knew that) but a major cokehead (that’s news!)? He makes bathroom trips every five minutes at his favorite L.A. club and likes to have a young woman seated on his lap. (via Gatecrasher)

Our guess for the first item are after the jump.

Photos: WENN

Eva Mendes. We have no idea who the second item could be. Venture your guesses in the comments.

By Michael Prieve

  1. Mel Gibson? Robin Williams?

    I’m curious to read who everyone else thinks it is …

  2. krystyn

    I think #2 is Sean Penn

  3. Bird

    Tom Cruise! Katie has suffered since she married him.

  4. hipoli

    From here in Hawaii, I suggest Matthew Fox! I was at a party with him, and brutha kept going into that bathroom. Plus, everyone around our small town has seen him with the young, pretty ones.

  5. Mel’s spent some time in rehab, so I don’t think him being a cokehead is news. Plus, he mostly hangs out in Malibu, not LA. I think Sean Penn is the best guess, mostly because Robin Wright always looks dead behind the eyes in every picture of them together. And oh yeah, he’s a douche.

  6. the first one is michelle rodriguez!

    i’d have to agree with Hipoli for the second one. i’d love to be one of matthew fox’s younger flings!

  7. Persistent Cat

    Michele Rodriguez is openly gay so #1 is not her. My guess, Rosario Dawson. I just don’t believe she likes men.

    No guess for the second one. It’s not Tom Cruise as Katie Holmes couldn’t be described as “long suffering.” Not yet, anyway.

  8. Julie

    Sean Penn?????

  9. Littleone

    #2 is Denzel Washington he has been cheating on his wife forever. An I thing is was TMZ that just did a story about Denzel looking high has coming out of the club.

  10. real talk

    Eva mendes hair dresser is Ken Paves….(Jessica Simpsons hairdresser)
    By the looks of Eva’s boyfriend ..I dont think Ken can hold a candle to her tall drink of a man that she has at home.

  11. Tara

    It’s not Eva Mendes who has Ken Paves as her stylist. It’s Eva Longoria which makes it a good possibility that this blind item is Eva Mendes.

  12. Cherish

    #1, Eva Mendez; that’s a possibility or that Rosario Dawson girl.

    #2. **Robin Williams or **Mel Gibson– not which one (OUT OF THESE 2) has the ailing wife?? HMMM..will have to search that one…. It’s surely, definitely not Denzel wife’s, she is kicking on tour in the Performing Arts’; Theatres; and singing on Christian shows, Alive and Kicking. hmmmmm, Sean Penn, he doesn’t seem A-List to me, wouldn’t of never thought of him.

  13. Babsbunny

    No No No… I’m going Penelope Cruz… she’s been the beard to like HOW MANY questionably gay guys??? Plus, there was the weird rumor about her and Salma Hayek. I vote Penelope. I just don’t buy that she’s hetero… if nothing else, she’s at least bi.

    Long-suffering… hmmm.. that’s a tough call. Can’t really think of who’s ailing right now. Plus man who’s a cokehead and who cheats in hollywood.. such a damn crapshoot there!!!

  14. me

    I think Salma Hayek and hair stylist Beatrice De Alba.

  15. ladybug

    this is a no-brainer…ben stiller..

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