A Jason Preston Update


As a faithful reader of this blog, you’ve been kept up to date on designer Marc Jabobs’ boy, Jason Preston. While Marc Jacobs may not mind that Jason wears a billboard for Marc’s label on his arm, he surely doesn’t like Jason talking to the press. Thanks to a first hand experience with Jason, the press, and a reader, we have this tidbit.

Jason Preston was approached by a reporter. And he started giving an interview. A day or two after that, reporters contacted him through his escort site, and he did interviews with them too. He was all over the papers. So that pissed Marc off, obviously, and everyone started telling him the guy was bad news. Except me, I barely spoke to Marc. He was always very nice, though. Anyway–

Regardless of that little hiccup, it’s clear Marc really likes the guy. The Boy has a nasty case of ADHD and can’t sit still; people think it’s drugs, but I think he really is telling the truth about that, with my crazy friends I can usually pick out who is on what right away. And Marc has that mothering thing in him, so it makes sense he’d go for someone like that. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy did drugs anyway.

Is it really surprising that the boy has ADHD? Just read his Friendster profile, and you’ll pick that up. At least he’s sweet and makes Marc happy.