A Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey Collabo on The Horizon?

During an interview with “Access Hollywood,” Mariah Carey responded to questions about a possible upcoming duet between Janet Jackson and herself, Carey replied:

“Jermaine (Dupri) keeps saying this, but Jermaine has to call me and tell me about it. I love Janet. Janet is wonderful. I’m a fan. I’ll totally do it, but he’s got to let me know so we can write the song.”

And Jackson, when asked if this possiblity were in fact a real one, had this to say on the ESPY Awards red carpet:

“There may be truth to that.”

Whether the song ends up being fantastic or horrific, I am extremely ready to see these two team up. I imagine Mariah going, “We need more complicated notes!” and Janet saying, “I want more complicated dance moves!” until the whole thing explodes in a crescendo of weave and breasts.

A Mariah & Janet Duet? [Access Hollywood]