A Hollywood Stud Falls Off The Wagon

April 18th, 2006 // 18 Comments

If you follow the site, these really shouldn’t be that hard.

Which hard-partying Hollywood stud may have already jumped off the wagon after a recent stint in booze rehab? He knocked back a few too many at a recent movie after-party, and worried publicists had to quietly escort him out.

Which broadcast-TV weatherman could be facing the ax because “he just isn’t working out”? Snitches say producers of the show are secretly courting a rival weatherguy, who might end up with a fat contract and a game show if he stays where he is because his boss doesn’t want to lose him.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jen

    First: Colin Farrell

    Second: The gay weather guy…

  2. The drunk stud: is it ROBERT DOWNEY JR.??? I bet it’s Robert Downey Jr.

  3. Marnie

    Every weatehrman is gay—-as seems to be in the job description.

    It’s not Sam Champion (NYC’s WABC Weatherman for you out-of-staters). For whatever reason, he’s been around forever and will likely remain. Though his personal life is getting a kick up these days. Newspaper reports that he is dating a male prostitute who posts ads (or did) on Manhunt (a gay sex site).

  4. King Smart Ian

    Willard Scott is gay?!? WTF?!?

  5. 1. Colin Farrell. Wasn’t he drunk at some party in LA last week?

    2. Al Roker. He’s probably in talks to take over for who ever replaced Tony Perkins (who left in December…could be the not working out part). If those shrews at CBS are thinking of getting rid of my beloved Dave Price there’s going to be hell to pay.

  6. Lynn

    Does this mean that Mike Woods (Good Day NY) is gay? Please tell me NO!!!

    #1 – Colin Farrell

    #2 – Al Roker

  7. tia

    1) Collin Farrell
    2) Al Roker

  8. Alright, already! Who?!!!!?

  9. 2 Old 4 This

    King Smart Ian


    definately the smile of the week

  10. King Smart Ian

    2 Old: Many thanks. KSI

  11. Kat

    Ben Affleck

    Al Roker

  12. chillie2

    #1 is definately Jaquin Pheonix

  13. Brianna

    1. Colin Farrell
    2. Mike Barz (the new Good Morning America weatherman)

  14. Wen

    #1. Colin Farrell

    #2. Mike Barz (He tries to hard)

  15. Blissfully Ignorant

    How about Joaquin Phoenix for #1?

    NFI about #2, though….

  16. Jen

    King Smart Ian..that was hilarious. I can’t stop laughing about that. Willard Scott gay, HAHAHAHA.

  17. Brian

    #2. Mike Barz isn’t working out. But ABC is courting Dave Price at CBS. WCBS-Ch. 2 just cut Dave Price from the local weather, releasing him to do The Early Show (national) only. But he doesn’t like working for the last-place morning show, so he’s hoping to end up at ABC when his contract ends.

  18. Brian

    And Mike Woods and Sam Champion are both gay. But they’re not going anywhere. No one outside of the metro area knows them and they’re not that appealing. It’s definately Dave Price to the Alphabet net. You only have to look at the recent shakeup at WCBS-Ch. 2′s roster.

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