A Drunk X-Man With Puppy Love

March 13th, 2006 // 8 Comments

That title could only mean it’s time for a few blind items via Ben Widdicome’s Gatecrasher.

Which drunk X-Man was following Matthew McConaughey around like a puppy dog at Bungalow 8 in the wee hours of Thursday morning after the premiere of “Failure to Launch”? “It was very, very weird,” says a witness. (Gatecrasher)

Which handsome young TV actor is the object of a $100,000 bounty being offered by a wealthy (and apparently, unhealthily obsessed) Los Angeleno who is trying to get him into bed? (Gatecrasher)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. lou

    no. 1 gotta be Hugh Jackman

  2. Blank

    1. Hugh Jackman/2. Tom Welling?

  3. tia

    I dont know who the first one would be, but I say the second one is Chad Michael Murray.

  4. Brian

    Yup……Hugh Jackman

  5. I thought Jackman, too. But Patrick Stewart’s in the running, for sure.

  6. Jex

    I’m pretty sure Hugh Jackman is in Melbourne for the Commonwealth Games and the Boy from Oz at the moment. My guess for #1 is the guy who plays Cyclops.

  7. Ryan

    #1 is Alan Cumming. #2 is either Tom Welling/Sean Faris/Chad Michael Murray.

  8. moniczka777

    1. has to be Ian McKellar who is opengly GAY

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