A Drunk Dialing Celebrity

May 15th, 2006 // 9 Comments

Oh my! Your guesses.

Which boyfriend of a rising blond prime-time star celebrated his trip to New York last weekend with a ménage à trois at his hotel? Let’s hope there’s a real doctor on the set of that TV medical drama. (Source: Gatecrasher)

Which half of an ultrafamous former couple drunk-dialed her ex, after seeing tabloid pix of him and his new squeeze, to tell him how stupid he looked? (Gatecrasher)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. moss

    Lindsay lohan with Kim Stewart’s ex Joe Francis? They are not really really famous though.

  2. kissy

    1)the girl from grey’s anatomy…katherine h

    2)has to be jessica and nick

  3. Audacte

    1) Ellen Pompeo
    2) Jennifer Aniston

  4. Christie

    1 – Chick from Grey’s Anatomy
    2 – Jessica! Jessica! Jessica!

  5. tia

    1) Katherine Heigel from Greys Anatomy ( which by the way is getting good tonight !!! )

    2) Jessica or Jennifer

  6. nancy

    ooooh I think it is Katherine Heigl. She’s dating musician Josh Kelley.

  7. tony

    1) greys anatomy lead

    2) kristen to jakey g.
    she’s a lush.

  8. lola

    The blonde is whats her name from Grey’s Anatomy – Katherine something or another…

    The 2nd is Kirsten Dunst (Drunkst) calling Jake G.???

  9. Miss Linze

    I checked the link and the answers aren’t there?? This is like someone telling you a riddle and then NOT telling you the answer . . . does anyone out there actually know? Or are these all guesses?

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