A Different Kind of “Ménage à Trois”

May 4th, 2007 // 9 Comments

A recent photo series for Vanity Fair with famed celebrity photographer, Annie Leibovitz, caught Bruce Willis engrossed in the act of fishing, while his ex-wife, Demi Moore and her young husband, Ashton Kutcher, cuddled on the other side of the boat. Liebovitz was invited to accompany Demi, Ashton and Bruce, as they vacationed with their children (both step and otherwise) Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, at Willis’ home in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Willis attempted to explain the family’s complex dynamic to the magazine:

“It’s hard to understand, but we go on holidays together. We still raise our kids together – we still have that bond.

“Demi is the mother of my children and Ashton is the stepfather of my children. I’m thrilled that Ashton turned out to be such a great guy.

“I love Demi, and I know she loves me.”

As strange as this looks, it sure seems a hell of a lot healthier than the bitter divorces and custody battles that a lot of high-profile celebrities of their caliber usually end up going through. I think these people may be so friggin’ functional that they have successfully blown my mind. But then again, double-sided Scotch tape also blows my mind. I’m pretty easily mind-blown.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Syd

    Yeah it may weird people out but the fact that everyone gets along is an indication that everyone involved is secure (Ashton not threatened by Bruce for Demi’s affection, Bruce not threatened that Ashton will replace him in the kids’ affection, Demi secure that her old relationship won’t cause problems in the new one).

    If they can only prevent those teenage girls from hanging out with the likes of Lohan, they’d be set.

  2. BARF

    Wow, Bruce is getting old and grey. On first glance I thought he was Demi and Ashton’s skipper/fishing guide for the day.

    This set up certainly beats the sort of set up, say, Basinger and Baldwin have.

    Mayebe Brang can copy by example in the future!

  3. desertboy

    Bruce’s shorts have more material in them than my sister’s wedding dress.

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