A Day In The Life Of Jesus Luz: International Model

What a busy, busy day Jesus Luz had yesterday. Madonna’s boy toy arrived in Buenos Aires, and went directly to a photoshoot. He arrived the Gabriel Rocca studios for photoshoot for the launch campaign of the new clothing line of Ona Saez.

Once it he finished up with photoshoot, he headed back to the Buenes Aires airport. He is rumored to be partaking in Sao Paulo Fashion Week — Latin America’s biggest style showcase — which opens Wednesday.

He is to be in the first day’s shows, a report in Brazil’s Folha de S. Paulo newspaper said. He will share the catwalk with Brazil’s bona fide supermodel Gisele Bundchen, along with an unprecedented number of black models finally given their break under a new quota system imposed by the organizers who had been threatened with a racism lawsuit by prosecutors.

I’m hoping he’ll be modeling some swimwear myself. Or something with horns.

Gallery Info: Jesus Luz at the Buenos Aires airport and a photoshoot for Ona Saez