A Day In LA

I still think that Angelyne should have been elected governor of California.

I took a quick trip to LA with my best friend Nicole (formerly Nicky, which she’s not using anymore due to the fact that Nicky reminds her of Paris Hilton and the videotape, which reminds her of an unfortunate incident involving a video camera, a rottweiler and Tom Welling so she’s now using Nicole) Getty, and Christian W (W hotel heir), to accompany Nicole for her shooting of a Japanese beer commercial with Christian Bale. Who knew that they shot Japanese commercials in LA.

While Nicole shot her commercial with Batman, Christian & I shopped. We had to stop at Fred Segal. It wouldn’t be a trip to LA without a stop at Fred. Who did we bump into, Shannon Doherty. She was thumbing through the racks; so just for kicks I yelled out “Paris?” to this young blond woman who was also shopping at the time. Shannon turned and looked at us in horror. I then proceeded to tell the blond that I mistakenly took her for my good friend Paris Hilton. Shannon gave us the evil eye and stormed off. I purchased this great new red Gucci mini dress.

After a long day of shopping it was time for some dinner. Christian & I met up with Nicole and her on and off boyfriend James Pensfold. We decided to try out Avenue, a fantastic supper club right in Beverly Hills. If your one to pinch pennies while dining out, this restaurant is not for you. I repeat not for you. The seared tuna special was to die for. They also know how to make a fantastic martini!

Jerry Bruckheimer was dining at the next table with a trio of inappropriately dressed you females. Maybe he was interviewing them for guest spots as corpses on CSI. Who knows?

Later that evening, it was time for some partying. We had to go try out Roof Bar (it’s on top of the Standard Hotel); luckily there was no private party. Who should we run into, the lovely Tara Reid. It was early in the evening (11ish), so she was still coherent. She was talking up her upcoming guest appearance on Scrubs, and hoping it would parlay a sitcom deal of her own. Tara Reid, sitcom star, I don’t think so. Nicole decided to be cruel and ask her if she still spoke to Carson Daly; the poor thing burst into tears and went straight to the bar and had a shot.

After traumatizing a C-List celebrity it was time to cap the night off at my favorite nightspot in LA, The Lounge. While nothing happened quite as exciting as the night of the Justin Timberlake-Britney Spears breakup dance-off, it was still an evening to remember. We hung out in the lounge area and chilled and people watched. We had an uber bitchy cocktail server who Christian pissed off by taking a picture of her with his camera phone. Maria Bello was there, with two female catalogue model types, and getting hit on by numerous males. She seemed to be completely oblivious to what was happening.

Valet alert: remove all valuables when valet parking at The Lounge. My pack of Orbit gum, and The Strokes CD were missing when we got the car back at the end of the evening.