A Crispy Paris Hilton

We almost could have dined on fried Paris Hilton. The socialite was too drunk to realize that when she jumped into a pool to retrieve a garden light that had fallen in the pool she could have been electrocuted.

I hear the dizzy hotel heiress, 25, threw a surprise 21st birthday party for her boyfriend Stavros Niarchos at her Hollywood mansion.

And guess what the orange twiglet did when a garden light fell into the pool? She jumped right in!

My spy tells me: “Everyone was stunned. Paris was lucky she didn’t get electrocuted.

“She thought it was hilarious. Stavros jumped in next and accidentally knocked her on the head in the process.”

Not that it dampened Paris’s spirits. Afterwards she treated her guests Courtney Love and Smashing Pumpkins pal Billy Corgan to a pole-dancing session in her house. My spy added: “Paris was so drunk she could barely hold on to the pole – let alone dance.”

Poor sad Paris.

Potty Paris Hilton [Mirror]