A Criminal With Nice Teeth

December 8th, 2005 // 2 Comments

ordinarypeople Maybe he had a fluoride fetish?

Police in Germany arrested a shoplifter who filled his trousers with 39 tubes of toothpaste, authorities in the western town of Dueren said on Wednesday.

Police said store detectives in a supermarket chased the 37-year-old Uzbek after they saw him stuff the tubes into his pants, and forced him to hand over his booty.

“As far as I know, it was back on the shelves soon after,” a police spokesman said.

Shoplifter’s brush with the law.. [Reuters]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. JP Thrashya

    The toothpaste was back on the shelves!! He had them in his pants!! Next to his trouser trout. Boy I would be pissed If I grabbed for a tube and there was a pube on it.

  2. catlebrity

    It’s not illegal to put tubes in your pants if you pay for them first, right?

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