A Close Encounter of a Paris Kind

My best friend Nicole and the luscious Christian W, ran into no one other than Paris Hilton, her bodyguard and canoodling with bloated Backstreet Boy Nick Carter (there was no video camera present for the record). They shared the elevator ride up from the valet to the mall at the Beverly Center amidst a flash of paparazzi. The most embarrassing moment of the short ride was when Paris dropped her sunglasses, and she leaned over to pick up her glasses, she farted. Yes Paris Hilton emits gas. Pleasantly though, it smelled somewhat like CK One. The elevator grew completely silent until the doors opened.

As soon as she walked off the elevator, Paris told security to not let them in the mall.

Paris and Nicole worked together occasionally at various fashion shows. They ran into one another again in D & G. Paris happened to ask Nicole her opinion on a pair of silver metallic scruchy half-boots (they looked like something out of a Berlin video) which Paris seemed to be in love with. Not to offend Paris, Nicole lied and said they looked fabulous. Although I’m sure once Paris is wears them once in public, some fashion editor will throw praise on the look.

After Nicole and Christian made their purchases they became Paris free for the rest of the day.

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