A Claymate Has Lost Their Mind

September 28th, 2005 // 18 Comments

Poor thing. Let’s start taking up a tattoo removal fund for this sad soul right now.

(Source: Liquid Generation)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jew So Crazy!

    Hey Miu, why don’t we just all chip in and buy her a gun so she can shoot herself?

  2. Shannon

    Looks like Alfred E. Newman with Down’s Syndrome.

  3. tempy

    What person in their right mind would want a tattoo of a big nelly queen?

    Possibly a nellier queen?

    Somebody gots some issues

  4. Well, they could always say it was Johnny Rotten (Or John Lydon for youe snobs).


  6. Gossip Guru

    Yeah, that IS pretty fucking stupid!

  7. me

    is he wrapped in a scarf or something? and what the hell part of the body is that on? at least it’s not a picture on the butt of miss ‘i’m never going to get laid in my life and good riddence because i can’t afford anyone to see this embarassing tattoo.’ bright side of things, kids, gotta look for them.

  8. Nicki

    Why????? Why would someone do this?

  9. mam

    HAHA shannon that made me laugh!

    This person seriously has issues. Im pretty sure this is a guy too which is wrong on so many levels. Yea, what IS that thing under his head??? did someone already try to cover it up with ink or what?

  10. Johnny Chicago

    Now I’ve been edited on this site for some rude shit, but this Gay-mate stuff takes the fucking cake…

    I just CAN’T hold back…

    You could be the biggest she-dyke or pickle on the PLANET, but nothing – and I mean NOTHING – goes this god-damn GAY.

    This is gayer than Liberace.

    This is SO fucking gay, even my gay friend would look at this and go – godDAMN this is GAY!

    The end is near.

    Jeebus fucking tap dancing for change on 42nd Street Kre-iiist.

    Please rip my eyes out.

  11. Johnny Chicago

    p.s. pickle-KISSER – sorry if that didn’t make any sense…

  12. mischa

    It’s Clay Dracula…

  13. Crystal

    F that, the person who made this tat deserves to be shot as well.

  14. Shuuuuut up

    That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. Ever. Ever.

  15. If the chick wants to worship satan, I say let her. …That is satan right?

  16. With all the negative comments, am I to assume that my shoulder tattoo of Thom Yorke is in bad taste, too?

  17. Crystal

    LOL thaddeus… it does resemble him a bit, too.

  18. love

    I LOVE Clay Aiken. One time he gave me head in a quickie lube. Boy can he suck!

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