A Celebration Of Globes

September 8th, 2005 // 9 Comments

Get a bra, and who knew?

(J.K Rowling photo via Liquid Generation)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. zazz

    Nice. Way to showcase those waist level saggin’ baggins’. Is she in her 20′s or 50′s?

  2. Sulee

    re kd – aren’t those pregger boobs?

  3. kimmy

    I didn’t think KD had much for a rack, this may confirm the pregnancy thing…

  4. Boschka

    well…JK just did have another baby. KD will learn about gravity soon enough


  5. Tracy

    EWWWWW KRISTIN DUNST or however the hell you spell her name is a F-ing TROLL.. sick.. sick…sick!

  6. Steve

    I always though Kirsten Dunst had a pretty nice rack but wow, those sagging funbags look like they belong on a grandmother. Yikes!

  7. RubbRubb

    Yummy. Both are quite hittable. Didn’t know JK was so racked.

  8. mariana

    Not for nothing is her internet nickname Dr. Sunken Tits which is an anagram of Kirsten Dunst.

  9. ella

    Hey at least shes alllllllll natural.

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