A Celeb Who Used To Date A Supermodel …

February 13th, 2006 // 21 Comments

Guesses? Anyone, anyone?

Which celeb who used to date a supermodel has a gentleman shopping photos of him supposedly with another man? The purveyoris also selling a conspiracy story of the pair allegedly being in cahoots over a lucrative libel payout some years ago.

(Source: Gatecrasher)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Snobetty

    George Clooney

  2. Snobetty

    Leonardo Dicaprio (sp?)

  3. punisher

    Matt Damon?

  4. Lauren

    Leo DiCaprio was my first thought…

  5. Dr. tia

    Well there is Leo from Titanic and also Johnny Depp ( remember he dated Kate Moss) .. there is also a chance it is usher cuz he dated Naomi campbell and thats all I can think of.

  6. ClassicSsuan

    VAL KILMER!!!!!!! Remember he and Cindy Crawford used to be hot and heavy.

  7. So Easy

    It’s Leo DiCaprio. It’s pretty well known in the inner circles that Leo is bi-sexual (he and Toby Maguire used to get pretty hot and heavy back in the days before Toby got big. He did one of his first films with Leo…)

  8. gossipa

    Oh My GOD! R Kelly’s Brother TELLS EVERYTHING. I’m Speachless!!!

    here it is

  9. Leo Di Caprio

    It’s David Copperfield- the guy is a magician for kripes sake!

  10. moss

    maybe it’s pete doherty…

  11. La Reina

    Hasn’t everyone in Hollywood dated a supermodel at one time or another? It could be any one. I guess we can exclude David Bowie, Billy Joel and Gere as they married them?

  12. vm

    How about Hugh Grant?

  13. starla

    Richard Gere? Could also be Leo or Hugh Grant?

  14. Liberty25

    Josh Hartnett (he used to date Daria Werbowy, the supermodel du jour plus Gisele bunche for about 10 min). It’s known around Hollywood he has “special” guy friends.

  15. LALALand

    John Stamos (Rebecca Romjian)

  16. paleface

    I was going to second Johnny Depp, but David Copperfield isn’t a bad guess. The blind item doesn’t say actor, it says ‘celeb’ (not that actors aren’t celebritys, obviously), and it doesn’t mention the ‘celeb’ being a heartthrob or hunky or some such nonsense. I’m going with Copperfield.

  17. Stewie Griffin

    David Copperfield…everyone’s heard about his “arrangement” with Claudia Schiffer yeras ago.

  18. Brianna

    Its Leonardo DiCaprio! I heard several years ago that he and Tobey Maguire were together. That they had squashed the release a short film that they had made together where they played lovers.

  19. It’s David Copperfield (Claudi Schiffer.

  20. It’s Leo DiCaprio – there’s been talks for years about his bisexuality. He made a short film called ‘Don’s Plum’ with Tobey McGuire but then when they both hit big as actors they didn’t want it to damage their careers – so he and Tobey refused to let it be released. Hence, the ‘conspiracy’. Sadly, the guy who directed ‘Don’s Plum’ was a good friend of theirs and it ruined the relationships all around.

  21. justMe

    it’s USHER!!!!!! Im 1000% sure!!!!!!!!
    please tell :)

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